The auld firm derby international football thread

Yeah I’m starting a thread big whoop, wanna fight about it?

So it’s here, the return match between Scotland vs England. I’m a bit gutted I’m not in Glasgow today but also secretly maybe a little relieved. It was always going to have an atmosphere, especially two days after an election, but given Scotland fans can no longer be smug and self-richeous about not voting Tory perhaps there will be a shared feeling of grimness, or worse, England fans actually being confident!

As for the game itself, in theory it should be a comfortable England victory but Scotland have a bit of a free pass after beating Slovenia and will therefore be up for at least trying to get a draw today if not all three points.

In some respects, this game will probably look a bit like Celtic vs Spurs if they draw each other next year.

Elsewhere today Norn Ireland and Germany should have comfortable wins, while Norway will try to save what’s left of their campaign vs Czech Republic.

Tomorrow Ireland take on Austria and Wales face Serbia (how did they all end up in one group).

Had a word with the mods and anyone caught saying “OH GOT QUALIFIERS” will be given a rest, it’s just here and the confed cup to see us for the next few weeks, let’s try and put a brave face on it eh lads?

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should we delete this thread you bellend @discobot fortune

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@aggpass You guys are so mean after the shitty day I had yesterday.

But fine fuck it off let’s not talk about it

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Ha oh sorry didn’t see that, what a mess… BIT LIKE THE STREETS OF GLASGOW AMIRITE


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Oof, a close but decisive away victory. Right, put the house on it


Here’s some bants #sponsoredcontent


Going to an outdoor screen in Kreuzberg for this, expecting shabs and bants

Scotland 3
England 1


1 referendum and 0 world cups doodah doodah

(Or whatever)

Scotland :toilet:
England :toilet: