The Autumn 2020 Wrestling Thread! Featuring: The G1 Climax! AEW hoovering talent and taking pop shots at Vince! The road to Survivor Series!

I’m old enough to remember watching when The Undertaker made his first appearance on WWE on Survivor Series 30 years ago.

I remember thinking “Hey, that’s Mean Mark from WCW.”


When he came back as the American Badass (most underrated return ever) I thought it qas a different guy

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then do I have a thread for you tomorrow!

HGATR Brian Lee?!

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Pat Macafee is so fucking good


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King of the Ring 2000 isn’t bad.

Isnt that the one with the Patterson and Briscoe match?


Was wondering if that was dodgy or not. Couldn’t tell if the angle was at Patterson’s expense or with his blessing, etc.

I have no idea, I do know Vince once shat his pants and chased Briscoe so I think its just proper childish humour from.him

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Thank you hugely again for your kind offer.

I decided to subscribe for a month. I’ll check out previous big events and maybe some other shows on it too.

Looking forward to Survivor Series. That’ll be my first “PPV”. Starts at midnight? Are there some pre-match fights?

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Main show starts at midnight, there’ll be a pre show at 11pm which will have a match or 2 on it

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You’ll get NXT war games as well. That’ll be worth a watch


Well, Survivor Series was… fine. Couple of very good matches (Reigns vs Drew, New Day vs Street Profits, Asuka vs Sasha - though quite short) a lot of dross (Lana shouting “I’m a Survivor!” did get a pop out of me though) ultimately meaningless because of the way Survivor Series is currently booked… and an actual apparent retirement!

Would love you know your thoughts @BMS1 when you get a chance as it sounds like this was the first show you’ve watched in a long time, did it make you want to stick around?

I’d agree with you; the McIntyre vs Reigns and Asuka vs Banks matches were my favourites. Although I would have liked a more of a bigger fancier finish in the Banks match.

The traditional survivor series matches were passable. Not sure which route/gimmick Seth Rollins will take after this.

I watched it all and really enjoyed Steve Austin interviewing The Undertaker on his Broken Skulls show straight after Survivor Series.

oh yeah, Seth’s elimination was pretty odd, guess they’ll address that on Friday, hope he’s dropping this gimmick that’s doing no favours for him.

Ah yeah, I watched most of that interview too although I was getting a bit drowsy at that point :smiley:

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Hopefully, they’ll restart the rivalry between Rollins and Reigns again.

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Yeah good shout, there’s not a lot of other places for Reigns to go currently although they appear to be going with D Bry for now? Can see Reigns vs Rollins as a Mania match though.

Also remembered Charlotte got drafted to RAW despite not being on TV at the moment so can only hope (I say that because of the shallowness of the division) she’s coming after Asuka soon

Drew Roman was a proper slobberknocker

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