The Autumn 2020 Wrestling Thread! Featuring: The G1 Climax! AEW hoovering talent and taking pop shots at Vince! The road to Survivor Series!

Its probably the best tribute show I’ve ever seem - the amount of love that went into it was off the charts


Erik Rowan crying whilst holding that sign was the one that really got me


Yeah, watched a few clips. Brilliantly done


Pretty much me this morning.

Weird how much Whitty looks like James Ellsworth in this terrible meme.


Oh just twigged randy booting the pig was a nod to this

Just finished watching, beautiful show. Got me a few times, but it was right at the end seeing his wife after they gave his son the TNT belt that completely broke me


Ah yeah great cheers AEW like I needed another reason to tear up to Ol’ 55 :roll_eyes:

Nah, that was about perfect. Heartbreaking, but perfect.

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Yeah that final segment particularly was devestating

WWE have put about 20 of the full Royal Rumble PPV’s for free on their free network accounts to get in the mood for the Rumble. Just watched the 2013 one and it was nice seeing Punk on screen again, even if he’s losing to the Rock. (Not a terrible person to lose to really)

sure in 2003 maybe

The loss wouldnt have mattered nearly as much if A) He headlined some PPVs during his title run
and B) Didnt follow it up with a feud with Nash

All that combined with this loss though D:

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That Rock run would have been much better as a heel rather than face. He came across as a self-centred prick who was determined to diminish everyone else rather than lift up the roster.

Go away heat all the way through for me.

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Yeah but unfortuantely he was a massive draw and the live crowds loved him so WWE werent wrong in the short term at least.

I hated it outside of the initial return

Do agree with you here. WWE never fully got behind him properly, with that length of title run. Still, got the Summer of Punk, which I still watch some of those promos

why take the title off punk though, Cena vs Rock sells itself ffs

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You’re not wrong but it wouldnt have been bad if they booked the ONE YEAR long title run well to begin with

Never thought a year long title run would mean so little

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thanks for the reminder folks