THE AUTUMN 2022 WRESTLING THREAD (feat. some stuff that's happened already, placeholder until the new year, happy Mert?)

Hello all, the weather is getting silly and the G1 tournament starts tomorrow so it’s probably time for the SUMMER WRASSLIN THREAD!!!

This year, G1 is split into four blocks for the first time, which means a bit more mid/lowercard fodder but it’s always a fun time, here’s the blocks


A Block: Lance Archer, JONAH, Toru Yano, Kazuchika Okada, Tom Lawlor, Jeff Cobb, Bad Luck Fale

B Block: Taichi, Tama Tonga, Tomohiro Ishii, Jay White, SANADA, Great-O-Khan, Chase Owens

C Block: KENTA, Zack Sabre Jr., Hirooki Goto, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito, Aaron Henare, EVIL

D Block: El Phantasmo, David Finlay, YOSHI-HASHI, Will Ospreay, Shingo Takagi, Juice Robinson, Yujiro Takahashi

As noted in the previous thread, there appears to be four pretty clear finalists earmarked Okada, Jay White, Tanahashi, Ospreay but don’t put NJPW putting a spoiler in here or there, C Block especially looks like anybody’s game.

Summerslam is a month earlier this year for some reason, here’s what we know so far

Then we have ALL OUT which has sold out already despite no matches being announced yet! And everything in-between! Let’s do some got summer wrasslin action

Summerslam in July??? Truly end times
PS Group 1 is going to be so much fun in the G1. Just Yano and Okada trying to overcome huge huge lads. And Filthy Tom getting a spot <3


So we can probably expect the Clash at the Castle card to be similar to Summerslam I guess. Yeesh.


Oh god yeah I forgot about that thing

We’re getting pints btw


It’s kind of bizarre how the wrestling universe is kind of descending on Cardiff that weekend btw, there’s like an 80s singing with a load of boys like Tito Santana round from where I work at lunchtime, love it mind.


That McAfee/Corbin match should be good fun at least. The rest of the card though…

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Hello as I posted about this right at the end of the last thread I’ll mention it again, so I have some way of getting better at photoshop I’ve started an Instagram of terrible shops of attitude era wrestlers going about their daily lives.
Followers welcome, abuse tolerated.


Love how he instinctively goes to sell it then thinks ‘nah, fuck it’.

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Makes me happy to think he probably hated the theme tune he had for about 15 years.


Given he’s in what could very easily be described as a Nu-Metal band I’d like to think he’s working the marks but also honestly :man_shrugging:

Anyway his old theme is a banger

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NJPW back in the UK early October.


Yaaaaaas where at?

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Hasn’t been revealed yet, just ‘late Oct’ but reckon it’ll be back in London for ease. Zack’s being level headed about it as per

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Wonder what Joey Abs is up to

Dunno but it might please you to know Taka Michinoku is still kicking about

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They’ve put today’s event up for free btw

Fuck you!


Also fucking hell they’re doing one match per block per night this is going to take forever