The Autumn Wrestling 2019 Thread! Featuring: Smackdown on FOX! AEW vs NXT! New Japan's road to WK! HIAC & Survivor Series! & more!

Hello all and welcome to the Autumn 2019 Wrestling Thread! Sorry, it’s a little late, my day started a bit slower than expected, but I’ve got it in before the RAW SEASON PREMIERE so let’s do it to it!


RAW Season Premiere tonight including Lesnar, Hogan & Flair (sigh). Also Lawler back on commentary (for tonight at least)… yay? There are a few title matches tonight at least, so some potential for big moves ahead of next week’s draft where the roster will officially be split once again. Tonight’s matches are:

  • WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins defends against Rey Mysterio

  • WWE United States Champion AJ Styles defends against Cedric Alexander

  • RAW Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler defend against Heavy Machinery

Friday Night Smackdown however is the biggest deal, with the main event booked as Kofi Kingston defending losing the WWE title against Brock Lesnar and a loser leaves town match between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. As Smackdown is now the premiere show on network TV Roman Reigns is suddenly invested in being on the blue brand now! As it’s the 20th anniversary expect some big name returns (probably Taker and Cena, The Rock is still not confirmed but that might be kayfabe) and will be very interesting to see how it does.

Oh, also there’s a PPV on Sunday, (who knew?) where the Bray Wyatt will once again have the whole world in his hands as everyone will be rooting for him dethroning Seth Rollins (or Rey Mysterio, lol). A week to go and the only other matches confirmed so far is Becky vs Sasha in the cell (can’t wait) and Roman/D-Bry vs The Metalhead Bludgeon Brothers (lol). Assumedly the premieres of Raw and SD this week will do a lot of heavy lifting towards this, but tbh these three are the only matches are gonna be invested in. There’s another Crown Jewel to go before WarGames/Survivor Series too though lol.


Meanwhile, The Mond… err Wednesday Night Wars are back! AEW goes against NXT (which properly goes to USA network now. Will be very interesting to see how these go. AEW’s next PPV is hilariously called Full Gear on November 9th, where we’ll finally get Moxley vs Omega and Mr bit of the bubbly himself will defend against Cody… who might book himself champion and go full TNA, we’ll see.


Autumn means we are now on the road to Wrestle Kingdom over in Japan with the next big stop being King of Pro Wrestling on October 14th where Tanahashi will celebrate his 20th year in the business, Jushin Thunder Liger returns to face Suzuki, Ospreay defends his Jr. Heavyweight title vs El Phantasmo, Moxley defends his U.S Title vs Juice Robinson, Ibushi puts up his WK contract vs EVIL and in the main event, Okada attempts to defend his world title against Sanada.

Think that’ll do for now, so will leave you with AEP’s new episode on a real doozy, Canadian Stampede:


:clap: Great intro
That King of Pro Wrestling Card looks bloody amazing doesn’t it?

Very psyched for episode 1 of the Wednesday Night Wars.

Pac and Page will be a barnstormer, and they’ve built what would be a basic squash match for MJF and Brandon Cuttler into something with real gravity to it. If we get to see a bit of Moxley or Spears (not necessarily wrestling) that’d be a boon too.
The six man tag will be absolute joyous chaos. Expecting Jericho to team with LAX so they can just fly around on his behalf, but who knows maybe there’s a big surprise in the offing. Either way with the Omega slide into heeldom on the horizon it should be a great main event.
Meanwhile wwe are bringing some pretty large guns to play with on NXT.

UE against Street Profits will be great fun, as will the women’s match (could be a title change there too). I can see the psychology of “injured” Adam Cole v Riddle coming a mile off with a traditional DQ finish due to using a cast or something like that, but if they work it correctly it should be a very fun affair.

If it’s TakeOver level it might actually outshine Dynamite on a pure match-rate basis. But since AEW is a new commodity and it’s got the hype behind it I’d expect them to pip the ratings this week. Will be very interesting to see if they even pip Raw.

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Would love Candice to win but I’m starting to think (and hope) that Rhea Ripley is gonna be the one to finally dethrone Bayzler

kishin liger vs suzuki will be aces, not that fussed about the rest of the card. it’ll be good obvs but nothing im hyped about. nxt looks like a whopper this week though


punk and colt settled today btw. wonder if the full story there will ever come out. punk isn’t pulling any punches on his twitter but not sure how reliable he is with this stuff

AEW also announced they’ve partnered with Hot Topic for their official merch today

I know people accuse them of being glorified t-shirt salesmen but it could go a huge way towards them maintaining real profitability, and getting the likes of Jungle Boy or the Lucha Bros shirts so widely available could be a real star making tool.

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Okada vs Sanada was excellent during G1… I’m sure it will remain Okada vs Ibushi at WK14 BUT imagine of it becomes EVIL vs Sanada :scream:

oh yeah it was for sure, but they’ve done that match a lot this year (this’ll be the 4th or 5th time I think?), so I can’t get that excited about seeing it again so soon

preferred sanada when he was messing about in the woods with james storm and that tbh

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Apparently Fox has had snippets of The Fiend interspersed in its programming

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Wrestling is proper shit at the minute

Bar the fiend

WWE main product, yes, everything else, no.

AEW is shite. Barely any stories, no selling, endless finishers

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Might get the network to watch a load of 80s wccw if it’s on there

It’s literally just started give it a chance mate

Oh Rock has now confirmed:

Ooh quite like Raw’s new look, didn’t really pay attention to the new theme but

Lesnar going fucking mental on Dominic is one way to start a new season I guess…

You’ve already done nothing but whinge about it for weeks. There’s plenty of stories in AEW, every match on the debut has had some build, but if it’s not for you it’s probably best to just leave it alone.