The Autumn Wrestling 2019 Thread! Featuring: Smackdown on FOX! AEW vs NXT! New Japan's road to WK! HIAC & Survivor Series! & more!

Dude, you need to check out some joshi. Don’t get me wrong Asuka is very good but there’s been a ridiculous flood of talent in the Japanese scene over the years. Look up some Chigusa Nagayo or Manami Toyota :heart_eyes:


Aye. Ain’t had no time for wrestling recently though. Barely even reading results at the moment.

just watched this, pretty confident that charlotte doesn’t know that kairi is out of it at this point. becky has a word with her while they’re buried under the chairs and they protect her pretty well after that. the powerbomb beforehand was horrible to watch though, kairi really didn’t want to take it did she :worried:

thought the match was pretty decent, especially since they were calling audibles for the last chunk of it. best bit was joe pointing out that kairi is a knot expert because of the sailing, the gimmick pays off!

v fun match. the new day-revival match worth a watch too imo, had some fun kofi spots

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Don’t even need to go finding high quality Japanese matches. Io Shari is the best wrestler in wwe of any gender


Hope that Erick Rowan is carrying around Luke Harper’s head in a cage.

Guess the Black/Murphy thing will lead to them tagging together

Still don’t get the ricochet/black pairing they did

Kinda flipped between the two channels last night but I am VERY happy about that NXT main event though a but weird to pull the trigger now and not at Rumble weekend?

Don’t think there is a Takeover event that weekend, they don’t have one until mid Feb. Would assume Baszler will be showing up in the Rumble and moving to Raw. Although quite possible plenty of NXT women will be at the Rumble.

Oh really? Mad, yeah I guess so then. Could see Bayzler winning it tbh

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Hell yea

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TIL Kanes mum made the christmas creature costume

FAO AEPodcast Patreon backers, they’ve released a book reading of one of Mick Foley’s Christmas books

Winter thread open lads, if a mod (@colinzealuk?) could do the honours when they are ready:

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