The Autumn Wrestling 2019 Thread! Featuring: Smackdown on FOX! AEW vs NXT! New Japan's road to WK! HIAC & Survivor Series! & more!

Chill out Cody!

Reading the results seems like it started brilliantly and trailed off from there?

The way they announced the Saudi match sounds awkward as fuck

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The Dynamite intro looks great. Shame about the music.

Just seems counter intuitive

I would say I’m currently a bit underwhelmed by AEW overall. Haven’t really found the stuff outside of the ring to be very engaging for the most part. That said, still pretty excited to see what they can do with the tv show over the first few months.

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It’s 2019 and in recent months WWE has run 3 separate cuckold storylines

Vince McMahon, voice of the people!

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Everything around AEW has disappointed me recently but im still cautiously optimistic. But i would say im currently more excited to see what happens to Smackdown

Jungleboy (@boy_myth_legend) Tweeted:
You are the future. I love you. It’s been an honor to share the ring, and my life with you. This is just the beginning. :heart:

Awww :heart_eyes:

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Itv have obviously been piled on tremendously. New schedule announced:

so you can stream it in full and unedited from thursday eves after the shows on the itv player
highlights shows friday nights and (presumably heavily edited) on sunday morn

MUCH better


Wow surprised to see this. Good shit!
Getting shown 3 times a week is a pretty big deal for them (and allows them to get younger audience with the sunday slot)

Le Vince-Lynch-noi

Ridiculously hyped.

Mild NXT format spoiler per Alvarez:

Cole and Riddle on first with 30 minutes ringfenced for them. No ads during those 30 minutes either.


Recognise that chap in the vid clip

First ep of Dynomite was completely fucking nuts :flushed:

You can watch it before it airs on ITV by subscribing on for $5 bucks a month,

Also NXT spoiler: Congrats to Finn on escaping back to the land of the living

Reads like both AEW and NXT were solid shows. AEW appear to really be overdoing the post match beatdowns though.

14k is an insane attendance, even if they’ve papered some of it.