The Avalanches


Hi everybody! I’m Matteo, this is the first time i write here!
I looked at a lot of lists of best albums, and I can’t believe Wildflower by The Avalches is often missing. Did you listen to it? I find it a little masterpiece, another beautiful work after Since I Left You, 16 years of hard work (and waiting) that deserve a recognition.


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I wasn’t a big fan of Since I Left You so I’ve only listened to a few tracks off the new one - enough to establish that they still aren’t for me. There was a thread on the old forums on the new album and I think a few users were fans.


Oh, ok! Thanks! I write there!


I think it is great too but it perhaps doesn’t last long in the memory. One of those records that would be all over the AOTY lists if it had been released in November instead of July


Has been a bit overlooked in the end of year lists. I think part of the problem was that it didn’t seem to connect with all the old generation of fans or really bring in a new younger audience, plus it doesn’t really sound like 2016 or fit in any of the narratives so it ended up in limbo a bit. Still one of my favourite and most singular albums of the year and better than I’d ever imagined it could be.


I enjoyed it very much and am still listening to it periodically. Pretty much the sound of my summer tbh tbf…


It’s not Since I Left You unsurprisingly but I do like it a lot. Could do without The Noisy Eater though.


I agree, perfect answer, this is the correct reason but according to me music must be judged by his quality, magazine and critics are wrong: I don’t care if Wildflower is something different from 2016 works, how it sounds, this is important! In addition its peculiarity can be seen like a strong point.


I listened to this again yesterday for the first time in a while, I wax surprised how great it sounds even after the hype is over. I enjoy listening to it, and would probably put it in my top 25 of the year, but it wouldn’t quite make the top 10. It manages to sound pretty unique, and it’s unmistakably The Avalanches, and I think it’s quite a trick for them to do that after only making one very influential album in two decades. With hindsight we can say it definitely delivered. I do find that a lot of the vocals are too low in the mix for loads of the guest verses though, which is a real shame.


The noisy eater is one of the best tracks


Couple of UK gigs in June:


Since I Left You deluxe edition apparently on the way: