The Avalanches

December? FFS :frowning:

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Have you got a link for the vinyl?

This is fine I suppose. Reminds me of what you would get in one of those fancy bars as none descript background music. The other track is slightly better. This is starting to give me Random Access Memory vibes you can see the idea but at the same time a bit almost forgettable. Apart from Red Lights I would struggle to remember how any of them go.


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I’ve ordered the coloured vinyl!

Bit weird to leave it so long after dropping 6 singles already

They released their first single just before worldwide lockdown. I bet their original plan was to go for a spring/summer release so they could tour it at the summer festivals. But since that couldn’t happen I reckon they went for an end of year release so it still sounds current at next years festivals. I think they released singles throughout the year so they could keep the interest up for the album which was never supposed to be so late in the year originally.

Not sure it would sound any less ‘current’ if it came out in October as opposed to December to be honest!

Yup, do certainly think that played into it, and think other artists have done the same (where that Kendrick Lamar album at? Surely he wasn’t going to tour without one). But now they’re going to have an album come out where a lot of the songs don’t feel fresh by the release date, let alone next year… And they’re still hammering the singles. Strange release strategy by them/their label.

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Also imagine it was this amazing groundbreaking album? Most of the album of the year lists are done and dusted by late November. Would be a shame if something good missed out and future generations overlook it.

That’s an optimistic outlook considering the strength of the singles!

Think the new singles are pretty good fwiw. Denzel sounds good on anything and can see Music Makes Me High working very well as a moment in the context of the album. Still lacking a really great single but maybe they’re holding something back…

Presumably if the album is 25 songs long, it’s either really fucking long or there’s a lot of interlude type tracks connecting the songs we’ve heard, which are mostly about 4 or 5 minutes in length. Slightly more optimistic after the new tracks than the last couple anyway.

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It’ll probably be similar to Wildflower (21 tracks/60 minutes) I guess

The tracks we have are already longer than most of the stuff on Wildflower (6 songs totalling 26 minutes, two as long or longer than the longest track on that album) and they’ve confirmed there’s 25 tracks on the album. Might have a lot of very short tracks on it.

It’ll be like that A Silver Mt Zion album where twelve of the tracks are five seconds long

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I really like half of them

Running red lights
We will always love you
Take care in your dreaming

The others are okay. Not dreadful, and often things sound so much better in the context of an album.

I genuinely trust the Avalanches though as they have two excellent albums already. I’m keeping the faith.

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Yeah Avalanches albums are cohesive in a way that doesn’t really come across in singles so I’ve kinda ignore the singles outside the first couple for this reason

They often sound slight outside the context of the albums


Yeah, I quite like a few of the singles but suspect they will flow much better in the context of the album, which I am expecting to be a spacey/cosmic theme based on, well, everything so far.

Also I am pretty sure that Because I’m Me (the obvious banger from Wildflower) was not released until after the album.

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