The Azores

Anyone been? Recommendations?

It was the first entry in my gf’s “list of potential holiday destinations” spreadsheet so I’ve agreed to it on that basis alone.

It also sounds like ‘ass sore’ which is well within your interests.

Edit: I don’t know anything about it but I hope you have a lovely time eps!

I wonder if there’s a donkey sanctuary.

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If you were given an un-labelled map of the world would you be able to point to where The Azores are?

  • A-zores I would!
  • No

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Thanks, Google.


As of last night, yes.

I mean I have just Googled it, but pre that, no.

went there as a child, seemed good, hanging around in volcanic pools or something

It has an giant abandoned hotel


is this a cycling thread?


No, I’ll be hiring a car.

Not a fucking clue. France?

first thing I thought was

  • Ass sore hahahhahahahgahah!
  • Tory option

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Are they an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic, an autonomous region of Portugal?

ur an

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Yes, it’s lovely - an area of outstanding natural beauty. Lots to do if you like the great outdoors and some good island hopping. Weather is usually good but you get an atlantic breeze. If youre just up for pottering around, on the main island at ponta delgada there are lots of lovely wee cobbled streets with shops and restaurants, and a lovely marina with fish restaurants.

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Ta! Any hotel recommendations? It all looks pretty cheap so I’m prepared to go full luxury wanker for the week.

I have been there! Its nice, quiet though. Lots of sailors stop there when crossing the Atlantic, it can also get quite cloudy at times of the year which make the flights on/off the Island a bit unreliable.

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We stayed in a non luxury villa, but if I’m looking for a hotel I also check CN traveller and Johansens Guide-


My other go-to is Mrs and mrs smith, but they don’t seem to have any recs for the azores!

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Turned out I was getting them confused with the Canaries.

Can’t really image living on a hunk of rock in the Atlantic is that good, but I guess that’s what Britain is.