The back of a cigerette packet

contract, songs, million pound business ideas have all supposedly been written on the back of a cigarette packet. Have you ever written anything on the back of a fag packet? On the shiny side it is very difficult and to rip it open correctly to write on the other side there is very little space. Is it just a saying for a any old scrap of paper?

I have never written anything on the back of a cigarette packet. Good luck with the thread though.


I smoke roll-ups and find it difficult to write anything on the plastic, especially now that it is grey!

Yeah I have.

Also I still frequently write on the backs of envelopes. I shouldn’t do this because it is immensely wasteful.

I suppose once upon a time a fag packet was just plain old card (rather than the branded, laminated, plastic wrapped stuff we enjoy today), which would have been much easier to write on.

phone numbers, shopping list (abbreviated) and sometimes my pin for my bankcard if I was planning on getting stocious.

more of a napkin man, myself

I once tried writing on a leaf but it was too green


Use the back of my hand, mostly

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At the request of one of my fellow students I once wrote out a proof of Pythagoras’ Theorem on the back of a fag packet. But he went on to become considerably more successful than me (ie was on Celebrity University Challenge).

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Impossible now they’re all black, proof if any were needed the Tory party is ANTI BUSINESS

and quite possibly that’s already written on the packet so you wouldn’t even need to write it.

I thought it might be a pop culture saying

People in my office use this phrase all the time when referring to reporting / plans they have just made up on the cuff and are probably rubbish. Thought it was in the business bullshit lexicon.

Most annoying example - “can you do a back of a fag packet analysis of this and pull together a top level deck of slides to summarise” - I suppose just saying “make something up” would destroy the illusion of competence.

sometimes i like to pretend i’m a spy and hand people mysterious notes or phone numbers written on napkins or fag packets* but it’s been a while!!

*obviously i don’t actually do this but it would be fun

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