The back to work thread (a guide to overcome the pain)

Yeah, so this may seem self-centric but for those of you who know me you’ll know I have a Virginia Wolf stream of conscious (boring) style. Stick with it.

I’ve com back to work today after a glorious 2 months off where i grew a beard and forgot about work and generally just had a great time. Think Monday blues and times it by a factor of 1000 and that’s close to where I am now. What makes it worse is i’m having to live away from home during the week in order to be at work - a good opportunity to gym of course, but my gym at home is probably better.

Anyway, to the point. What are your ESSENTIAL back to work tips to help you overcome the pain.

I have two thoughts on this:

  1. Moan about it endlessley (to yourself unless you want the sack) and then later realise you were being stupid and it isn’t as bad as you thought

  2. Try to embrace it and boldly correct your pessimism with extreme optimism.

Or do you go for the secret option number 3 where you smile, but really inside is the monkey with the cymbals.

Thoughts and any other tips to help me overcome the DREAD would be great.

I’m sure others may benefit from this too.

Probably bottle it all up and cry myself to sleep every night tbh

I’m close to that

Good, but not your best.

No I can see you - sorry I may have missed your welcome back. i’m still getting used to the mac and have just downloaded chrome as safari wasn’t really very good here. Yeah I should stop caring, but it’s easier said than done.

sounds like a case of the mondays


Yeah so we have easter weekend off which is good, but I wont have any time off for a good while now. I don’t know where in the world I will be, which is very annoying.

I realised that in work I get to walk about 8,000 steps over 6 hours without moving outside of a small room. Do you get to do a lot of steps? sounds like you’re into being healthy so maybe focus on how great the steps are for your beautiful body.

Numb the pain with alcohol and prescription drugs

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No I didn’t. Well, sort of. I left my unit as an individual, but it was just temporary. Went overseas and joined a larger group of individuals from all over and conducted my job and have now come back to a cohesive unit. Which sucks.

Oh yeah I’m certainly getting a lot of that. I have a fridge full of my prepared food to get me through the week too. Health wise I can keep up with how I got on at home.

I do realise that it may bug you. I honestly can’t remember off the top of my head, but I did make a note of it. I’ll try and dig it out.

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I worked training their officers

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Afghani version of this



big telly budget


Beg for mercy

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Yeah that wasn’t me. Close though…

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That was our old friend moker.

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Id be intrigued to hear how he got on though. Do you know exactly what kind of ‘freelance’ he was looking at doing?

Apparently he went back to normal office life. Don’t know anything after that!

Also, welcome back C_i_c! I don’t think I posted when you were originally on here but hello anyway!