The back to work thread (a guide to overcome the pain)


I worked training their officers


Afghani version of this



I have either got a terrible memory or I’m confusing you were someone else

So you’re not the guy that wanted to take a risk quitting your office job to go be a freelance designer or something?

I mean I know you’re nails but hmmmm


big telly budget


Beg for mercy


Yeah that wasn’t me. Close though…


That was our old friend moker.


Oh in that case I’m out.



Id be intrigued to hear how he got on though. Do you know exactly what kind of ‘freelance’ he was looking at doing?


Apparently he went back to normal office life. Don’t know anything after that!

Also, welcome back C_i_c! I don’t think I posted when you were originally on here but hello anyway!


Oh well hopefully he sees this and fills us all in. I don’t know how to do the tag feature. It was slate and chalk when I was last here. And thank you, lovely to ‘meet’ you.


Use the @ symbol before the username and that’ll see you right! Same to you!