the banal last hour of the day thread

well, what’s happening?

i have no snacks. nothing to report.

I’m slowly losing my mind here on the community. Just posting absolute fucking mindless bullshit.


It’s getting me through so thank you for your service x

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don’t worry anthony, we have your back.

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Had a Twix, wondering how often I can get up for water without being too obvious. Probably need a nap before I go out for drinks tonight

So, so tired I’m beginning to hallucinate coloured lights and such.
Got through to the third round of a piss easy remote work job though which’ll help tide me over with my student loan if i get in (i will) which is good news.
Almost my weekend. Almost.

is today your friday?

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I just made a cup of earl grey. 1.5hrs left then off to band practice. So fucking glad tomorrow’s my last day in this heckpit.

'Tis! Can’t wait to just spend all tomorrow playing vidya and watching the rain.

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No snacks. I repeat: I have no snacks.

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every 15 mins

why do we do this to ourselves?

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Deciding whether to leave now or leave a bit later.

quite, quite jel

definitely now.

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that’s what I’m thinking too.

[Bonus is I get to ride my bike home as well!]

looks nice outside right now too :sun_with_face:

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I have not brought a snack with me and I really need one - I’m weighing up the effort of walking to the shops to get one when I’m going to be going home at 5 anyway. Hunger vs effort :woman_shrugging:

In other news - a mistake by someone else that I should’ve picked up and could have had huge implications for a very ill patient has now been averted and I am doing a massive sigh of relief right now.


If anything there’s too many snacks here

  • Twix fingers
  • Lindt balls
  • Maltesers
  • Nougat
  • Junior Mints
  • Sainsburys cookies

Fuck you JP