The Beans On Toast Variations


It’s a simple dish, it’s a dish that tastes good.

I still use the full size tins for one but I’m glad the smaller ones exist.

For a full sized tin I use three slices of toast. It’s quite the feast.

Worcester sauce in the beans? Nice kick. Sometimes I put some tobasco in. Herbs though? A step too far.

Heinz capitalise on this themselves with precanned bean variations but I’m too scared to try them.

Tell me how you use your alchemy to make beans on toast an exciting dish?


Not had it for decades so I’m not going to be much help in this thread.

It’s definitely not a breakfast meal though.


New boards. New wars.


full-size tin + toast for a meal for one
small tin or full tin split between 2/3 as part of a full english

good additions:
worcestershire sauce


Beans on toast is shit. Soggy toast can fuck right off.

Don’t argue with me, you know I’m right.


Uncomfortable around things being too soft?


You’ll get no argument from me. It’s a boring, soggy meal.


You’re a boring soggy meal


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that’s not relevant


I read this as some kind of spoken word performance. It was great.

Please record this




Barely knew 'er!

haven’t done it myself, but reckon it’d be GOOD


fuck me, dawg. your jokes are lame as fuck! have a like anyway, for pure effort


I keep it simple for the most part:

half a tin of beans (Branston, ideally)
two slices of buttered white bread (thick sliced)
cracked black pepper

sometimes some BBQ sauce, sometimes sriracha
if it’s not for breakfast: a healthy grating of mature cheddar on top


get utterly, utterly fucked, mate.

Brexit Beans means Brexit Heinz


Buttered white toast
Medium size tin of beans
Medium spice-level curry powder
Grated cheese and cracked black pepper to garnish

Could’ve put this in the nostalgic meals thread


Make it a tin of beans and veggie sausages on toast. Perfect meal.


I’ll admit it was inspired by that thread, but that thread was a bit too Peter Kay and we all know beans on toast deserves at least one thread on the new boards.


I use my alchemy (money) and buy the tins with sausages instead.