The Bear (Disney+) - please use spoilers with episode/season number note


It’s back.

Watched the first two of S2 yesterday and was prepared for it to start slowly or something but it was great. Possibly a lot funnier while being less fraught than the first season so I’m not sure if it’s about to go heavy or they’ve gone with something lighter (unlikely, I guess)

Just watched the first two eps of the new season. Missed being in this world, still so good.


is episode 3 meant to be all one day, because jesus, the fucking appetite on syd


Episode 8


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Soundtrack is so good.

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Watched S3 E1 on Sunday and it got me playing Refused all week. Watched E2 last night. Really enjoyed both so far, I like where this is going.

Finished might be better than Season 1, guessing because of the strikes it won’t be back until 2025 now.

The stunt casting particularly in Fishes was actually really good and Jamie Lee Curtis was fucking great as was Bob Odenkirk I wouldn’t throw a fork at him

One criticism

Felt the adding of the love story element was completely unnecessary but might be better next season?

Just delighted to have a really good fucking show on yearly even if the strikes have now fucked it

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Started calling all my colleagues chef like they do


I work in a restaurant kitchen

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In S2 E3 are the big chefs Syd speaks to actual famous food people?

Good article about S2 Episode 4’s guest star

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Yes Jeff


I think it’s very stylish but I absolutely despise its messaging.

You can’t bear it?

(No idea what its messaging is.)

Ep 4: Copenhagen was brilliant. Marcus must be protected at all costs


Had some issues with this season but I do want to say that the episode with Ritchie and the forks was incredible. One of the best telly episodes ever


We’re five episodes in and I have anxiety because there hasn’t really been any anxiety so far this season and my recollection of the previous one was a lot of it so I assume that means the big bad shit is coming and it’s going to be really bad.

I have really enjoyed the episodes so far though.

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God yes. I hated this and it felt like producer interference to me. I think its purpose was to give Carmy more conflict, by making him less focussed on the restaurant set-up than he would have been otherwise. I do understand the reasoning for this - Carmy is 100% dedicated to what he does, so why wouldn’t he ensure the restaurant preparations go smoothly? He’d probably end up sleeping at the restaurant site just to have longer days sorting things out. Like how in the final episode, the fridge door would have already been fixed.

But that isn’t interesting drama or an exciting story. Stuff needs to go wrong and they needed to add an issue, something to ensure the restaurant wouldn’t open easily… Unfortunately, this love interest is not a good way of doing that. It feels really superfluous and takes time away from the rest of the cast, most of which Carmy already has more interesting relationships with. At least the way it ends in the final episode means it shouldn’t be an issue going forwards, but it’s a big mistep for this season.

I do also think it’s a fundamental misunderstanding of why fans are so into Carmy. I don’t want to see him be healed by someone else, only I can fix him.

All things considered I really enjoyed S2 and I’d say overall it’s great, but the stuff I didn’t like really fucked me off.

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Loved S2 as much as the first season. Episode 7 was easily my favourite. Excellent soundtrack. Think it’s high points are as tense as anything I can think of in other media.

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This was the 2nd best show on TV last year (because Atlanta was still around) and now it’s just plain the best. What an incredible season. What a brilliant cast and almost brilliant story. The fridge ending sucked and I don’t buy him and Sydney together, which is where I dread this is going, because their relationship was much more interesting as a mentor/protege thing.