The Bear (Disney+) - please use spoilers with episode/season number note

It’s a bit

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It’s a few weeks since I watched the Season 2 finale but I’m surprised with how much the use of Nine Inch Nail’s Hope We Can Again has stuck with me.

Really wish I could get a physical copy of Ghosts V and VI.

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After having a moan about the early episodes I ended up enjoying S2. Similar with S1 it took me a while to get really into it, but the “famous people shouting at each other” episode really helped it kick into gear.

Agree with the idea that it moving its focus slightly from Carm to the others is a good idea. Bodes well for S3.

Finished now. Bit bereft. Cried when Pete couldn’t hold it together in front of Natalie, protect this sweet man at all costs please!

Heart sank at the missed calls and messages on Marcus’ phone, that will be a hell of a fall out next season. Also I know people are like Carm and Sydney will get together eventually but I think her and Marcus would be so much healthier.

I found Claire :bear: irritating too, but I see why they made it like that. It was nice for Carmy to meet someone just simply sweet and uncomplicated and nice. Kind of how Pete is compared to Sugar, a polar opposite to how fucked up them and their family is. But yeah in the context of the show, compared to everyone else who was fully flawed and complicated it made her feel flat. Which is a shame! I think we’ll see more of her next season, purely because I think the conclusion Carmy got to was the wrong one and will try to make amends/find a balance.

So proud of Richie :face_holding_back_tears::heart: and Fak and Tina! I love Sydney but I am worried for her. Her dad is a good egg though.




Finished this last night

What a show, it’s just impeccable

Big fan of Ritchie but Syd absolutely has my heart, she is so perfectly written

Claire - seemed like a device to show that Carm won’t (or can’t) allow himself to be happy


Actually wasn’t sure whose phone that was, until your comment I had assumed it was Carmy’s especially after seeing the state of their mom talking to Pete. Not that I thought the mom had a nurse.

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So far it’s only inside my head but today I found myself impulsively shouting ’corner!’ when walking around the corner of the street

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Carla Lali Music (formerly of Bon Appetit) says she yells BEHIND on the subway.


I’m not a big Watcher of the TV Shows but a best pal recommended this partly based on the soundtrack. Watched the first ep of season one and wasn’t that fussed but found myself invested from ep 2 onwards.

Watching S2 two now, just watched Fishes and Forks and it’s really good now. 3 more eps to go.



I thought it was mostly very good but it got a bit over the top and silly and unbelievable towards the end. Jumped the shark slightly with the car crashing through the wall

Thought the follow up episode about Richie was far better despite being far more understated. An incredible bit of TV. I’m not really a Taylor Swift fan but the scene of Richie singing along to her in the car is a genuinely brilliant moment that made me laugh and cry at the same time

3 episodes to go.


The Richie episode was brilliant, except for the Olivia Coleman cameo at the end which completely took me out of the episode and didn’t like at all. Didn’t enjoy the Will Poulter bit either really.

Liked that all the famous people in Fishes and Forks were at least playing characters, Poulter and Coleman were a bit more shoehorning someone in because they like the show.

For me:

Poulter :white_check_mark:
Colman :negative_squared_cross_mark:


I loved this a lot. Some of the episodes were golden. Really got into the characters


Didn’t realise Marcus the pastry chef was from Odd Future?!

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Was the director of Loiter Squad and a few videos, don’t think he was musically involved?

Poulter’s was better because he was properly part of the episode rather than just “get the Oscar winner in at the end” but I still found him jarring. Just didn’t think there was a need for either, and both (very, very good) episodes wpuld have worked better without.

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