The Bear Quartet

Expecting this thread to drop like a stone, but does anyone else know about this band?

They’re Swedish, released a shitload of good albums (but quite a number of shit ones), seemed to be really highly regarded, but never developed a reputation over here (their Peel session was fucked by visa issues).

I had a big Scandinavian phase in the mid 2000s and became obsessed with these guys. They dipped off my horizon for a while, but just popped back into my head. Loved pretty much everything they did from 1997 until 2003.

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Yes, it kind of did - dropped like a dead stone - but never fear, I will be listening to this with all of my heart. Because this is what DIS is about. :smiley:

Loved it - btw are you Scottish?

It’s definitely got some Celtic influence in there - reminds me of some latter days Idlewild. I’m quite suceptible to this kind of stuff - YEAH!
I’ve been listening to quite a few Youtube vids by now: ‘Before the Trenches’ and so on. Very good.

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I own a few albums, I quite enjoyed the album Moby Dick. I can’t remember why I got into them now though, it wasn’t a Scandinavian phase :grin:

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I am… :thinking:

A wild guess, but I put the music and the ‘Borders’ together somehow - ‘elementary’ :stuck_out_tongue: