The Beatific Exhalation of a Fresh Page Being Turned - The Midweek Football Thread



FA Cup fifth round weekend. Rochdale v Spurs, and Whelan Athetic v City at least have a bit of narrative factor. United should comfortably beat Huddersfield. Bit grim otherwise. A friday night Chelsea meltdown’s probably a bit too much to ask.

Not too many big #eurofix - the Sunday lunchtime Turin derby probably the pick of the bunch. In-form Milan v tasty Samp could be a guddun. It’s also the Suffolk v Norfolk ‘not really a derby’ derby.

Gonna be a long one.


Swear united have already played huddersfield about 12 times this season already


Twice. We lost one 2-1 and then won one 2-0


This has been your United vs. Huddersfield update.


You also lost at home to Huddersfield B (David Silva scored iirc)


Sounds like Shagger Pardz’ Top Lads on Tour plan’s backfired and Gareth Barry’s got absolutely soiled and nicked a car!


Is this the first interesting thing Gareth Barry has ever done?





makes me wonder what James Milner would do if he cut loose



Believe it or not he was notorious for being a bit of a beermonster at City but always got away with it because he was such an all round GBoL and the lynchpin of England’s midfield.


Murder someone


Boaz Myhill is still technically a Premier League footballer?


Definitely has the haircut of a serial killer.


Are there any games on BBC television this weekend?


So is Rob Green!


The Spurs game on Sunday. And they’ve got Wigan v Man City on Monday (which isn’t the weekend, I know).


I think I saw three FA Cup games involving Spurs last season and fell asleep before goals in all of them.





Well at least you’ve got a nice early evening snooze to look forward to on Sunday.