The Beatific Exhalation of a Fresh Page Being Turned - The Midweek Football Thread

FA Cup fifth round weekend. Rochdale v Spurs, and Whelan Athetic v City at least have a bit of narrative factor. United should comfortably beat Huddersfield. Bit grim otherwise. A friday night Chelsea meltdown’s probably a bit too much to ask.

Not too many big #eurofix - the Sunday lunchtime Turin derby probably the pick of the bunch. In-form Milan v tasty Samp could be a guddun. It’s also the Suffolk v Norfolk ‘not really a derby’ derby.

Gonna be a long one.

Swear united have already played huddersfield about 12 times this season already

Twice. We lost one 2-1 and then won one 2-0

This has been your United vs. Huddersfield update.

You also lost at home to Huddersfield B (David Silva scored iirc)


Sounds like Shagger Pardz’ Top Lads on Tour plan’s backfired and Gareth Barry’s got absolutely soiled and nicked a car!

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Is this the first interesting thing Gareth Barry has ever done?




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Believe it or not he was notorious for being a bit of a beermonster at City but always got away with it because he was such an all round GBoL and the lynchpin of England’s midfield.

Murder someone


Definitely has the haircut of a serial killer.

Are there any games on BBC television this weekend?

So is Rob Green!


The Spurs game on Sunday. And they’ve got Wigan v Man City on Monday (which isn’t the weekend, I know).

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I think I saw three FA Cup games involving Spurs last season and fell asleep before goals in all of them.



Well at least you’ve got a nice early evening snooze to look forward to on Sunday.

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Big Willy <3

Why do people think Norwich vs Ipswich isn’t a derby when it most definitely is?

Derbies are games between clubs from the same city. Anything else is just a rivalry. Wednesday v Sheffield United’s a derby, Liverpool v Man United isn’t. Spurs v Arsenal’s a derby, Forest v Derby County isn’t.