The Beatles - White Album (50th Anniversary Reissue)

Hello all,

Next week The Beatles will be reissuing The White Album for its 50th anniversary and was interested as to how people here feel about it (I’m going to be writing about it so hence the topic!)

Let’s talk the weirdest and most wonderful(?) Beatles record!

Are they going to do a tour of it?


Yes, holograms and all.

oh ffs

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I tend to agree with Paul:

I’ll pick the box up at some point when I can afford to…

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oops, not meant as a reply to @nopicnic, meant the whole thread

Will it have the 55 minute version of helter skelter

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Just downloaded it on Tidal- my poor phone looks exhausted. There’s a lot of constant there. Noticed earlier that the vinyl is a cool/uncool £40 too.