The Bedwetters Arms Pub Quiz

Sorry for nicking the name of a previous quiz whoever it was who did this one.

Who would like a quiz?
I have a very good format.

Bit of a long lead on time cos I’m busy got a couple of weeks.

:arrow_double_down: Poll down there folks :arrow_double_down:

It’s not letting me vote on any, smee

Yes sorry I just had to close it so I could edit the options. Good to go now

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can do any of those dates i imagine. And yes please

Oh hang on I’ve fucked it haven’t I.


Wow, a good old fashioned zoom quiz! I’m in, can do whenevs

  • Mon 6th July
  • 7th
  • 8th
  • 9th
  • I was considering it but as you can’t even organise a poll how can we trust you to run a quiz. I’m out.

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Daytime bump

Sorry folks, going to have to postpone until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances

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