The Bedwetters Arms virtual pub quiz: Monday 30/03 - 7:30pm

I’ll set up a quiz of some sort of format
(anyone want to suggest rounds or help out hmu)
I’ll set up a big zoom room
You get divided into teams
Confer with teammates over WhatsApp, answer the quiz as a team.
Winners get some sort of prize (TBD, possibly some confectionary/wanky beers)
Anyone googling answers get banned for life
We all hang out on video and those who are able bung some quids to the dis hardship fund


  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I answered maybe thinking that I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing yet, but wtf else am I going to be doing now?


Might try to incorporate some diser rounds (through the keyhole, disers as children etc.)

This is sick, good man

If you need any admin help or questions or anything else, I’m down

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Cheers man, will probably take you up on that

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Re: people googling answers could you use something like ( which sets a time limit.

Dunno if that is making it too hi-tech

Also happy to write some questions for future quiz but would like to participate in the first one.

Will probs just make it as silly, abstract and non-general knowledge based as possible to get around Google. And trust all of the lovely posters here at of course

Suck up

Cohabitors and kids are welcome to join but the language may get a little bit blue, I must warn you


Yes please. This sounds fun :blush:
Not on Saturday evening though because I already have plans (video chat plans)

Are teams picked at random? The GME quiz team would whoop all your asses.


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Oooh good point. Will probably allow teams to pick if they want to and divvy up people who haven’t grouped at random?

Don’t know what zoom is and I can’t really do video chat etc but I can be a consultant over whatsapp or whatever maybe for a team. I used to write and host pub quizzes and win them a lot. It’s my only discernible talent


oh fuck I didn’t notice the video chat thing.


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Sorry mate no professionals


The zoom call will have a dial in number or you can turn off your cams etc.


Well up for this, lovely idea :-]
Can’t believe I’ll finally have to peel back the sticker that’s been sitting over my webcam, though