The Bedwetters Arms virtual pub quiz: Monday 30/03 - 7:30pm

Gonna have to search the living room for the best lighting angles

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:smiley: same
Will be sat in the same pyjama top I’ll have worn for three days straight, but with a full face of makeup and blow dried hair


I’ve got one of those t shirts that looks like a tuxedo. I’ll be wearing that and absolutely nothing else


Especially if you’re on the sauce, this could go wonderfully wrong and I am HERE FOR IT


My girlfriend just did one of these with her quiz team. Looked really fun. I wouldn’t help her with some questions she didn’t know so it’s only fair to give her the opportunity to do the same to me.

Bear in mind that Zoom rooms only last for 40 minutes, I think Hangout ones don’t have a limit tho?

Sorry for the old man George Washington question here, but whats the format for a pub quiz? Music, movies, general shit?

EDIT: Regardless I’ll donate money to the hardship fund if there’s paypal.

Got a full zoom license through work don’t I


All of these and more!

Well la-di-fucking-da (still don’t know what zoom is)


PE, all over again… :pensive:

Just a video call thing like Skype or hangouts, but you can have lots of people on a call and it tends to handle it pretty well

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Id be up for this if its at a time Im not working (from home)

Dumb American question of the day, can you just dial in to this or do you need Zoom Whatsapp thing a ma bobbers?

You can get into zoom from a Web browser, need a (free) app from a phone or tablet. There is a dial in number which I think will have a US number.

Only the host of the room needs an account

The hero we need in these difficult times.

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Reckon we’re going to try to do this on Monday 30/03

  • This works for me
  • I can’t do Monday 30th March
  • I don’t want to take part

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Also thinking of getting some user generated #content to make the quiz dis centric and ungooglable

  • I’d be up for providing some low effort #content
  • I just want to answer questions leave me alone

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People who vote yes will receive a PM at some point once I decide what the categories will be

can’t believe i’m going to drop the only connect final for this

BBC iplayer exists imo

Bumping the polls for the evening shift

I’m already pissed in preparation