The Bedwetters Arms virtual pub quiz: Monday 30/03 - 7:30pm

You can be the guy who isn’t taking part in the quiz but randomly shouts out answers.


I call you from my room


Mr Zoombastic

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I can’t believe you’ve done this


I’ve sent out a PM asking for content for people who answered the poll. If you’re keen but not on that list let me know and I’ll message you.

@moderators could someone add - Monday 30/03 - 7:30pm to the thread title please

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Probably won’t be free til 8:30ish as we’ll be in the middle of our kid’s bedtime before that - do you think this will still be going by that point, is it something we could drop into a bit later?

Yeah definitely drop in late. We’ll get everyone bundled into teams anyway so you won’t be trying to catch up solo

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So according to the above poll there are 30 people IN for the quiz tomorrow. I think the best way to work this is for me to randomly put you into teams, then you to sort out a method of communication via PMs (likely setting up a WhatsApp group or similar).

If each team could sort this out and come up with a team name prior to the quiz that’d be a massive help admin wise

If people want to join in and aren’t in a team below, let me know and we’ll either add you to a team or bunch you together if there are enough

If anyone can’t make it, or will be late, that’s fine as long as there’s at least one member of each team available at the start.

Just going to go by the order of the poll and assume that’s fine with everyone:

Team 1:

Team 2:


Team 3:

Team 4:


oooft what a team :partying_face:


I’m in team 1 twice btw

I mean I know I’m good but not worth two places…

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Team 5:

Team 6:


updated, clearly just defaulted when I went for a scottish DiSer

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:+1: japes is a very strong addition to our team

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Oh noooo I missed the thing to say I was in :(((

  • Oh no I missed the poll to say I was in (and I want to be in)
  • I like answering polls that aren’t really for me

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and plasticmike

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Given that’s already such a strong line-up:

Team 7: