The Bedwetters Arms virtual pub quiz: Monday 30/03 - 7:30pm

Strong competition for team 1.

@cutthelights is quite good

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pervo and the plastics, what a team


plasticmike just now: “I’ll bring us down”

he’s a ninny

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No @p_a_u_l or @laika?

Was running the INs based on this poll

But just tick the poll a few posts up if you aren’t in and are keen

the only correct answer he’s likely to give

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Happy that I’m on the same team as the cleverest person on DiS (and, probably , the world) on my team

A great team, no doubt about it

Gutted as I really wanted to do this but my pal is running a quiz tonight at the same time so I’m going to have to miss out :frowning: Next time!

69 replies :smirk:

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Missed this - yeah I’m game!

standard catch all apologies in advance to my team if I dont know anything

Nobody has a chance against team 3! Not a prayer!!

Is it too late to join in?

Not at all. There are 4 of you teamless atm so are you OK to group up?

Team 8:

As above, link up over dms, organise a way to communicate during the quiz, come up with a team name :+1:


cool cool, thanks!
Is everyone going on zoom? whats the deal with that part?

Yeah will be on zoom. I have a full account so won’t kick us out after 40 mins. Will put the link on here just before kickoff


Fab! Thanks!!

How are we doing answers? A google form or similar?

Given there’s nothing up for grabs and nothing other than trust to stop people from googling I was going to go with write them down, mark them yourselves, and trust people not to cheat