The Bedwetters Arms virtual pub quiz (v2 Tuesday 14/04 and a simpsons special Thursday 16/04)

Oh shit. Yeah I’ll shuffle it to the Tuesday! Can a @moderators edit the title and OP please


then i will shuffle my answer to a yes

:+1: done

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what time of day will they be?

Evening. Think we did a 7:30 kickoff last time and that seemed to work



I might think about maybe hosting a quiz at some point? Need to see how easy it is to find enough non googleable questions first.

@Aggpass - don’t want to make any more work for you because appreciate it takes ages to put this together, but is there a discussion to be had about making it more/less ‘DiS’ or just keeping it the same? My missus might be up for joining in with a general quiz, but isn’t so into ‘internet friends’ and in-jokes. Dunno if people have the same thought as me.

Just a thought!

Pls define golden era

‘Dont know… Shall we just write pasty again?’

It was a quiz I took part in last week. Think it was up to and including S9 but I might be wrong

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I’m in for both. Can’t wait. Especially for the second, I memorised A Complete Guide To Our Favourite Family cover to cover when I was 13. My fave quotes are “This just in: Go to Hull” and “If this is anyone but Lily Allen, you’re stealing my bibs.”

In for the Simpsons. Finally a use for all those countless (not) wasted hours.

I wasn’t in a team last time, how do get to be in a team?

But in for both, but especially in for the Simpsons one.

my bf listened in to last weeks quiz and i didn’t really have to explain a lot to him but he said it was very “music-y”

Closer to the time I’ll put people into teams for each quiz, based on who has said they’re in on the polls

I’ve forgotten to write a quiz and I’ve got to go to the supermarket tonight so can’t do this tonight. Sorry everyone.

Simpsons quiz on Thursday will still be on


Simpsons quiz tonight!

Sign up yo