The Bee Gees


Fucking great aren’t they

fucking undeniable bangers, utter banger machines


Ludicrously good band.

Are you ready for a hot take? Steps’ version of Tragedy is better than the Bee Gees original.


No, not really



Disco Sucks


It wouldn’t if they played more bee gees


Great songwriters, but a terrible band.


Look lads I know when Pulp and Kenickie were all the rage it was uber cool to diss the gibb brothers but it’s just not jazz anymore, man
Embrace the bangers
Next week we’re doing ABBA


I’m with you @Ruffers. MASSIVE BANGERS!


yeah great band. the weird early pop rock stuff’s good too


Yes! Was hoping someone knew more about this. Is this the best record for when they were making this sort of sound?


I dunno that much either but i’ve got Odessa and it’s pretty good, think that’s their most acclaimed 60s album


Chicken steak?


I’m solely a greatest hits guy with the bee gees, but yeah, wall to wall classics.



@Ruffers , I feel you are in remiss by not including this 100% stone cold classic.


Yessss geesey! Grade A banger


The guitar part on the chorus! Sweet as!


wouldn’t call myself a massive fan but they’ve written some fucking amazing music and they really are good songwriters.
I’ve got no beef with the bee gees


I bloody love their albums up to, and including, Odessa (“I preferred their early stuff”).