🍻🍺 The Beer And Cider World Cup 🍻🍺 THE FINAL

would this have happened had they been growlers of Steamclod Citro Hop 16 DUPA%? don’t think so pal.


Who wants to conduct a wine tasting test with tilty where tilty will prove that they can discern white wine from red

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worth noting that the white wine was dyed red in that test btw, so we’ll be dyeing them all before.

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Yeah I was wrong that it was a blind taste test, the point was that a change in appearance was enough to change people’s minds as to what it tasted like.

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Still feel like this is nonsense. I cannot stand white wine and dyeing it a different colour isn’t gonna suddenly confuse my taste buds so much that I think its delicious

It’s all the same pal

Much appreciated.