The Benevolent Tradesman

A couple of years back one of our ovens broke (we have a range with two ovens, deal with it!!!), the larger one. I called out a guy and after a bit of chasing he turned up and had a look. Selector switch was bust but he didn’t have a replacement. He would order one and get back to me.

However the oven worked once he had gone. Not perfectly but with a bit of spinning it would spark into action. I did not hear back from him.

Over the next 18 months it got worse and worse and could take a couple of minutes to bite. Then it stopped working at all and I just used the smaller one which was ok but could not have coped with Christmas.

I tried to find another person to fix the oven but couldn’t (without going to some big firm who charged silly money) as it was dual fuel or something. Anyway, he didn’t seem to remember me but took my word that it was the selector switch and had to order one in. Then I chased him several times. He eventually came round mid December and fixed the oven. Nice guy. I offered to pay him in cash, he scoffed. I said I’ll transfer the money straight away and he wasn’t up for it. He said text me your email. I did and with that he was off into the night never to be heard of again.

Apologies if this story scared you.

The benevolent tradesman.

I’d probably move house if this happened to me.

I have. Twice.

Johnny 2 Ovens over here

This is what you get for having a fancy, scientific oven.

Check out Balonz and his second oven


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Then the curse of the benevolent tradesman has been passed onto you!

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had my boiler fixed recently and the guy still hasn’t contacted me for payment

when asked what his greatest customer of all time was, benevolent tradesman replied without hesitation - ‘Balonz, of Frensham Ponds’.


Was he Polish?!?!

no very awrite mate English

The Philanthropic Merchant

Great story thank you balonz

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Balonz you TWAT