The best 20 solo singers of this century


Nice of them to use a photo of Gaga where she’s just about to pick her nose.

Tricky to find a pic where she isn’t having a good old dig around up there tbf. Always at it.

Lily Allen’s played a blinder to get on that list hasn’t she?

Needs more Sam Herlihy

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don’t pick holes in my joke please m8

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No Carly Rae, no credibility im afraid.

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Im just glad that adele and ed sheeran are finally getting the publicity they deserve


No ‘£1 Fish’ fella.
Fuck sake


Dont think Gilla Band are a solo act?


Absolutely top tier shitposting from the Times of London, newspaper of record.


Absolute nonsense!

*Meryl Streek

Just had a look and I like 5 of these singers and I have records by 4 of them

Still so much to discover!

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Looks like she’s giving her hair a sniff

OR she’s withholding the desire to pull her hair across her upper lip to pretend to have a moustache. Did that all the time when I had long hair.

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