The best acts beginning with... A

We haven’t done an A-Z thread for a while have we?

I nearly did a whole list of my favourite acts beginning with A to start the new DiS newsletter after I’d planned to write about Autolux and then realised Relationship of Command is 20. But I stuck to my guns as Pussy’s Dead is too amazing to dilute the recommendation, which if you’ve subscribed to the new newsletter, will be in your inbox now or it’s here if you fancy reading it online / sharing it


I enjoyed reading this.

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What about ‘A’

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@Brainfreeze did a whole series on this at the start of lockdown…


For some reason, I’ve been singing Old Folks to myself a lot recently.


I maintain Rush Song is a banger

How ace are they?

Missed that thread earlier this year so

At the Drive In
Afghan Whigs
A Tribe Called Quest
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
Arctic Monkeys


Hey it was great getting that in my inbox today. I always really love your writing (on top of the community you’ve fostered obviously!)

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Thank you. That’s lovely to hear.

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Alien Ant Farm 10/10

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Today’s selection is… indulgent 70s sax folk rock