The best bit of Umbrella - Rihanna

is the end when she goes ‘it’s pouring rain. it’s pouring rain.’

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When it ends

I’ll be all you need and mooooooore


Would be better without Jay-Z at the start

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lost, like tears in the rain

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The bit where she says “ella ella ella eh eh eh”.

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The moment I was convinced Jay & Rihanna had, had sex.

It’s the seven minute discordant trumpet solo for me

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It’s the fleeting extra syllable she adds to make the word umberella.

Jay was literally her boss lol, he heard it and knew it was going to be huge and was like “wouldn’t it be nice if I could get some extra payola by making myself a featured artist and songwriter here”. If Jay ever tried it with Rihanna 100% she’d be like get lost grandad, and there’s absolutely no coming back from a Rihanna put down, even if you’re Jay-Z.

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