The best darn Sunday Thread of the decade

Anyone else up? I’m off to London for the day. Might finally try Dishoom.

Also off to Gods Own Junkyard and another couple fun activities. A beer is on the cards as well.



Alright Jordan. Collecting a new blender and going shopping for clothes for the kiddo. Might make a curry.

Go to dishoom for breakfast. The keema with chicken liver is fucking amazing

We’ve booked to stay in one place for 6 nights to actually get some decent rest as we’re knackered after 3 months constant moving about. Got a heater and cable tv. Watched the 2 Popes on Netflix this morning and thought it was great. Gonna read and sleep lots

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Really not sure what we’ve got planned today. A few jobs, taking it easy, maybe take the kids out on their bikes.

Trying to eat veggie as much as possible, though I guess I could count it as a special occasion. I had my eye on the tofu scramble

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Was the best breakfast I’d had in ages but I’m not getting the blame for the dead animals so it’s up to you.

eh fuck em

Pub roast this afternoon, I think. I’ve not actually been on any of the messages - our friend who organises decided to put only one person from each couple into the discussion group. Why would that happen? It’s not like the 90s where you’d get charged per text message?

It’s also at a pub that’s more like a hotel, that I’ve never heard recommend for roasts, so as you can tell I’m really looking forward to it.

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Taking my eldest daughter climbing (rocks, not stairs).


Another day equally boring and fraught on the cards here.

R has already had one mega tantrum, I imagine more are on the way :anguished:

I’m taking my dad to football, Crystal Palace v Derby.

I also need to setup his new computer, which is just my old work computer. I should still be a lot better than his old one which is ridiculously slow.

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Going to coal museum then going to see Lil’ Women. Exciting stuff.

Workin’ (hardly)

Sounds oresome.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


'er indoors friend is coming over so I’m going to disappear upstairs and put on my robe and wizard hat.


You’re mining new depths with these puns.


Gonna practice your moonwalking?

It’s the pits.