The best evening thread of all time - Thurs


Got a million jobs to do this eve before going away tomorrow lunchtime. Gotta cook, clear out and clean back of van, do some banking, pay some tax, send some emails THEN do about two hours work work :office:

Then half day of work work :office: in the morning, pack, load van and leave wife and baby :baby: to fend for themselves for the weekend, rendezvousing in center parts on Monday.

What is the next bit of personal admin you’re going to do?

When was the last time you went on holiday/away for the weekend without your nearest and dearest?

What are you fucking doing this evening?


Not a lot, I’m a bit mashed already.


On what if I may ask? Would you like to talk about it?


Just beer and xanax. It’s a-ok. Getting dark earlier these days. Too early for my liking.


stuck at work late. ordered pizza from zizzi’s coz it’s the only place around. what am i in for?



Need to tidy the bathroom :confused:
Probably eat pizza, try watching man u, get bored and decide to.clean bathroom instead.

Need to speak to my mortgage broker, pronto


I’m guessing a 6/10… How bad can they be.

Sounds like work sucks atm… you making mad :dollar: tho?


nope, it’s a student production so i’m getting paid about half as much as usual, and is also the reason it’s such a nightmare :dizzy_face:


Oh right. I’ve heard drinking can be a bit intense on xanax. Stay cool man



This is gonna drag on isn’t it :frowning2:


I fucking HATE people who do this. Got a colleague who every time I speak to her on the phone it takes 3 our 4 times longer than it needs to


thankfully only another two weeks but they’re gonna be a loooooong couple weeks, breh.

sup with you?


Good evening Smee, other DiSers.

Next bit of personal admin I have to do is email my editor about an article I’m supposed to be writing.

Every holiday I have gone on since November 2012 has been without a nearest and dearest. I have gone on all of those holidays with some of my best friends though so does that count?

This evening I will listen to the new Male Bonding album, call up to a pub my mate has just started working in and then I’ll go see another friend’s seriously good funk covers band. Might have a beer then at home.

Lots to do in the morning so let’s see how much of the above actually happens before I hit the bed.


Jury duty by day, avoiding work emails by night…


i’d love to do jury duty, why wont they pick me? are you sworn to secrecy?


Sounds like a good night :night_with_stars:

Um sorry bit that sounds a bit more like work than personal admin, please try again.

On these holidays did you have a lover/anyone nearer or dearer or more obvious to go on holiday with? This is supposed to be about markedly leaving someone behind/them not wanting to come, if you get me



Still in work. Have loads of errands to run and packing for the weekend to get sorted when I do manage to leave.

Important life admin to do is renewing my passport. Should really get on that.

Last time I went away without the other half was for a friend’s stag do in July.

Thanks for listening.


Yeah for now I am…


Have two weeks off starting tomorrow after work. Very subtly hungover and had my hair played with by 3 year olds all afternoon while having one asleep on my lap. Turns out they arent that good at hairdressing. :massage:


Smee please don’t cook your van.

I am am just getting a quick present and card for a friend who is going to be stopping in London en route elsewhere. Only seeing her for an hour but it’s her bday which I only just remembered