The best evening thread of all time - Thurs


Hmm. I do have to respond to an acquaintance about organising a Christmas reunion party for a mutual friend back home. That counts as personal admin I think.

Oh shit, you’re after reminding me that I did actually go out with someone in the past four years. I will refer back to the trip to Porto in June 2014 which I went on without my girlfriend at the time. We broke up soon afterwards.


You say that but I bet you’d actually live out of I cooked my van. Was doing some work on it the other night and a group of teenagers asked if they could come in and hot box it. Was tempted!


stuck on a bus. well, not really stuck as such. could easily get off, but I’d have to live in a service station for the rest of my life.

so…on a bus


Admin: change internet provider, because Virgin are a bunch of cockbags
Holibobs: national penoid tournament a few weeks ago
Tonight: pizza’s supposed to have arrived by now. Will eat that while watching Westworld.


What kind of pizza :pizza: you getting?


Would have thought you of all people would answer the questions in the OP dude :skull:


I’ve bookmarked this post :email:




sorry bro

p/a - wipe my hands with tea tree wipe after bk bean burger

n&d - n/a

tonight - jazz bus to London. asked my pal to get in supplies, but he said he’s tired! words will be had…tomorrow. really poor this innit



Personal admin: I need to send some pictures to my dad and stepmum. Feel bad for not having hot round to it yet :frowning2:

Going away: shit, it’s been ages. Probably a friend’s stag do maybe ten years ago.

Tonight: eating a sultana Danish, watching GBBO and pretending to mrs CCB that I don’t know who’s going out.


Haha I did that last week.
Really really really really wanted to say ITS BENJAMINA a minute before they revealed it but bottled it


Going to a house party / dinner thing - I made baba ganoush…


Mega or national? Used to get the 4am bus to London from Exeter quite a bit. Jazz :saxophone: life


Got to do my car tax. Hate holidays. Gonna spend the evening doing nothing recovering from two extremely stressful days.


National dude. had a couple bad experiences with mega bus recently. including a bus that was due in Victoria at 10pm getting in at 2.30am!

had to get jazz uber to my mates - 30 sniffs


Reading some Nozick- crazy stuff, definately disagree with the majority of what he’s saying. Even tho he insists his system isn’t about distributive justice, it seems like it involves really heavy redistribution. Easier to read than Rawls tho :unamused:

listening to Butthole surfers atm, pretty good stuff. into noisy stuff these days lahh


No point :point_right: scrimping on the jazz :saxophone: bus :bus: if you’re gonna drop 30 jazz :saxophone: notes :notes: on a taxi :taxi:


yeah, atm i’m paying for 50mb downloads, getting about 2mb. Called them on sunday, and they said 48 hours before anything’d be done. Still at 2mb per second. Cockbags.


hiya smee. hope you have a nice time going away and then at centreparcs

• need to make a chiropodist appointment
• only ever done day trips alone
• tonight i sorting through my zine and magazine collection and drinking lots of lemon, ginger and honey tea., washing my hair and polishing my shoes for my cousin’s funeral tomorrow :frowning2:


Stuffed crust smoky BBQ. Woof.