The best game shows on TV at the moment

  1. Blankety Blank
  2. One Question
  3. The Hit List


Is Hit List the music one on bbc1? Really good, that.

It is! Quite like how it has some quite deep cuts on it.the two who host it seem really nice as well. Want to go on?

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We would make an excellent Hit List duo

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Hit List is great. My favourite game show atm!


“And you two know each other from gigs! Which gigs?”


Of course I do. I am a former Popmaster winner after all don’t you know.

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@anon75298087 has usurped me, gonna go on with @sine_wave now

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Deal, i’m very confident in our ability to win!

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I do quite like One Question. Good for all-rounders.

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Weirdly pulls you in as well even though the same question is dwelled on over for like 20 minutes. Could do without Claudia Winkelman going ‘I LOVE THAT’ every 5 minutes though

Yeah, it’s the kind of game that doesn’t really need a host.

Kinda want to see somebody go in and get it right on first try at some point though, as there have been some that have crashed out very early picking the right answer as a wrong one.

There was one I watched recently where when the answer came up I thought was right and it turned out to be. Definitely wouldn’t go for it on the show though, would doubt myself loads

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Hit List was infuriating this week, first round went on for about 25 minutes.

Applied to go on it last year, didn’t hear back :confused:

I think they have auditions for it as they want to make sure the contestants have a good chance of winning money at the end. Not sure where they advertise the auditions though.

I’m usually good on the 70s,80s and 90s rounds but I’d need to partner up with a younger chum who can identify stuff beyond 2005 if I ever went on as the programme has a slight bias (understandably as a family show) towards recent music.

Yeah surely when they saw that they weren’t getting anywhere they should have got some easier options used

Didn’t help that they had to keep explaining the whole point of the round was that it was songs with one word changed!

‘Is it Beautiful Moment by Martine McCutcheon?’
‘Close but I’ll have to pass it over’
‘Er… My Moment by Martine McCutcheon?’
‘I can’t give it I’m afraid’
‘Is it I Love You by Kylie?!?!’