The Best Guitar Solos Of All Time!


Been listening to a lot of Marc Ribot recently - he was the guitarist on Rain Dogs and has all this amazing avant garde jazz and blues guitar stuff on spotify.


I like the twinkly solo on Dishes by Pulp

it’s so obviously any Slayer solo. Let’s go with Angel of Death because it’s first:


This is my favourite by a mile - an audience recording of Frank Zappa & his band playing “Yo Mama” at the New York Palladium, 29th October 1978. Ten minutes of completely improvised, utterly gorgeous soloing accompanied by some near-telephathic interplay with the band, Vinnie Colaiuta the drummer in particular. Forget your preconceptions of FZ if necessary, and if you really feel the need, skip to 1:29 to avoid the rather trivial ‘song’ bookending the gargantuan solo.

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Here’s my Neil Young entry.



Or This

Maggot Brain = end of thread
Unless we debate 2nd best guitar solo


So you’re not a fan of Siamese Dream? :wink:

Always going to pick the Astoria live version of Maquilladora by Radiohead for a best solo @plasticniki

Also the impossible (because I think it’s two guitars with one going backwards) solo on Blur’s This Is a Low

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All this Frusciante talk’s made me stick on Ataxia which is like just one long solo of his :grinning:

  • Here Is No Why
  • In Bloom

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Not heard Here is No Why but equally most (all?) Nevermind solos are just the vocal line played on guitar which is really great to listen to but doesn’t exactly hit the ‘great solos’ territory

i don’t know where to start with this post tbh teho

It’s a pretty simple statement of fact and opinion TBH.

But yeah now I’ve had to stick Nevermind on because YEAH

I do recall when Danny Baker got a hard time in Radio Times or something for playing In Bloom shortly after Cobain’s death and remarked on the ‘irony’ of the “I don’t have a gun” line.

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Dunno. Don’t like them unless they lead somewhere. This is good though:

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Was gonna post Marc Ribot’s solo from Jockey Full of Bourbon. He’s probably my favourite guitarist.

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Blue Sky

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could always just post more eddie hazel