The best Guns n Roses song

Rocket Queen

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My michelle or night train

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‘My Michelle’.

No Woman, No Cry

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Paradise City when watching the music video. Welcome to the jungle when not.

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Civil War of course.

Or Rocket Queen

Best album

  • Appetite for Destruction
  • one of the others

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Yeah, it’s probably Rocket Queen.

Although Estranged, Dust N Bones, Locomotive, Think About You, It’s So Easy, Better, Patience, Coma are all fucking awesome too.

Fun (?) fact. When I was a metal loving kid I had a cassette copy of Appetite For Destruction that an older kid had made for me. Being on one side of a C90 tape, Rocket Queen wouldn’t fit on it so I didn’t really know that song well for many years until I finally got a CD copy of the album in the mid 90s. As such, it still feels a bit like one of their ‘newer’ songs to me, more recent than Use Your Illusion stuff for example.

C90 tapes! Nostalgia!!

Use Your Illusion II for me. Could do without My World but I’ll let Axl have that one.

Annoyingly, I can’t remember what was on the other side. Probably means it was something shit that I never listened to,…

I think both the Use Your Illusion albums are pretty great. There’s a couple of duffers on each (My World especially) but in general they are strong albums.

It’s clearly November Rain

ban request


Mr Brownstone. Best song + best intro.

I did drugs with Axl Rose once, heh. Yes, I’m gonna go with Rocket Queen too. (Should have included Appetite on my list of also-rans on the Best of the 80’s thread).

*Except I really hate Paradise City for some reason. Like really hate it. Love the whole rest of the album. Ah, whatever.

What flavour?