The best Guns n Roses song


Clearly it’s this.


Another vote for Mr Brownstone from me.

I remember the anticipation for use your illusion being immense (at least from me) and it was all just a bit disappointing wasn’t it? I got a bootleg cassette from a record fair around 1990 which had a load of demos on, some appetite ones and some which subsequently appeared on illusion. There was a great version of November rain with just a solo piano which leaves me with a soft spot for that song, even though the illusion version is obviously preposterous.

I read a thread on here recently suggesting how illusion could be a great single album with some decent quality control which got it just about spot on.


Get In The Ring!


I remember having a similar situation but my Dad had edited out “Out ta Get Me” as it was ‘a bit sweary’ but I still think ‘Rocket Queen’ cut off half way through. Other side was ‘Rising Force’ by Yngwie Malmsteen (which was rubbish).


Brownstone then Rocket Queen

I think Brownstone is the perfect rock tune - intro, riffs, rhythm, vocals, lyrics - perfect!