The best money you spend each month


I don’t mean for essentials like rent or electricity, but things you could realistically do without but love so much that you won’t. For me its my £20 phone bill (20gb internet) ans 9.99 google play music subscription :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Red wine.

Although your post said something that you ‘could do without’ but I’m genuinely not sure I could get through a month without having something rich, red and delicious.


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chucking at quid at a terry’s choc orange or a bar of toblerone. Maybe not a monthly thing,but it should be at least monthly!


tenner for spotify’s pretty good like


It should be 5x more in my opinion.


I have a a little beeper in the car that let’s me go through toll gates, costs 3 quid a month and I hardly ever even use it but its cool


I guess however much the broadband is. Lightening quick, never drops out, lets me work from home and is the beating life force of the home.


Chilango burrito for lunch. Or a massive ITSU sushi tray. £10! Not every day, of course.


Too many things to list if I’m honest


£25 beer box
£5 Eurosport
£10 Deezer


$3,600 on candles


in months when I get my money’s worth, my €20 unlimited cinema subscription. I think that and my Apple Music subscription certainly represent the best potential value ‘frivolous’ spend each month for sure.


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Google Play Music.


£5 a month VPN that lets me watch GBBO, Strictly, football and hockey.


New dresses


Try to go to the local independent cinema, Home, once a month for a matinee film. Usually buy a fancy magazine and read for an hour in the bar beforehand. Sometimes i’ll watch two films and get some food inbetween. £20-£35’s probably a bit excessive for someone out of work, but you’ve got to do things you enjoy, eh.


Gel manicure - costs about £20 and having nice nails all month feels good even if the rest of me looks a bit of a mess


Only subscriptions I have are Mubi and Beats 1/Apple Music but both are priceless. That’s £7.99 and £9.99 a month for basically way more entertainment than I have time for. Mubi is so well curated that it stresses me out not having time to watch more than a few a month


Your gym money, surely?