The best "normal" dinner, pound for pound


Fish finger sandwich was a success!


welcome aboard, jont jr! you’re one of us now (sorry!)


Gunna make a lasagne today ant


Please enjoy the process of making it and then also enjoy to eat it.


Lovely stuff


Always do. Not sure I’ll enjoy the washing up so much! Might have to have a cheeky vino!


Haha! One won’t hurt right :wink:



Eating it at the table too. Absolute class act mate.


No I’m eating it in the front room, watching @Flashinglight 's lads against washington. What a bloody evening


In the front room, but evidently at the table…


No spoilers please btw, I am too tired to stay up for the end and started late anyway because of catching up with Il Lombardia.


At a table. Not at the table


I’ve switched to lsu Georgia now anyway sorry


Got it, Oregon were running away with the lead, thus taking away the spectacle for the neutral or washington were stomping us.


Nah its a very good game (hope that doesn’t count as a spoiler) but Georgia are looking like losing so more interested in seeing what they can do


salt and pepper chips, don’t @ me


I stumbled across some English relatives of mine calling the scotch pie, jock pie. I was not a fan. Have you encountered this?


“Or you can save some time by using leftover vegan from the previous night’s dinner.”


salt and pepper chips are great. love the chinese/chippy crossover