The best of London's twentieth century architecture


What am i missing?



Is that the estate that used to be featured in every ITV drama of the nineties and noughties?

Love stuff like that. Simultaneously awful and brilliant.


I dunno, it’s the Barbican.

Also this is excellent:

(I don’t meant to turn it into a Brutalist thread, but)



There’s an estate in London where there are sort of rows of flats, few stories high, and stairs down into a kind of centralised walkway, all grey.

It’s probably just all London council estates of a certain period rather than one place, idk, but it always used to be used for TV dramas and i’ve never seen anywhere in the North-West that looked anything like it.

I mainly want to know why the building in the OP is so highly-rated architecturally. Looks nice inside, but basically like Stretford Arndale outside.




don’t think @aggpass will appreciate you posting photos of his house on dis, m7


Cba (Don’t know) to format It, but is it that?


Possibly the Heygate Estate (now demolished) in South London as it stood virtually empty for many years, so easy to use for filming without bothering residents.


That’s it, yeah.


oh yeah was almost certainly this




State of it. Always found it weirdly fascinating. Never seen shapes like that round here.


The Royal Festival Hall was the first major public project built after the Second World War. Building materials were scarce at the time.

It’s architectural value mainly lies in its “egg in a box” design: the egg (the auditorium) hovers above the box, which houses bars, restaurants, etc. This arrangement protects the auditorium from the noise and vibrations emanating from the trains running next door and the tube underneath.


ah there’s still a bunch of these mad buildings near westbourne park


Aye, it’s in Goodbye Charlie Bright.


I’m sure there’s some near Brixton too.


I can’t find a photo but my parents used to live (when I was born) in a tiny east end flat that was kind of a brutalist place with a ground floor garage and then the flat was built up and over it. Really unusual shape and I think a lot have been knocked down now (Olympic Park site) but I’d love to see a photo if anyone can find them.


Was strangely fascinated by this as a kid. The Tricorn in Portsmouth