The best of London's twentieth century architecture

Yeah loads of stuff has been filmed there, from Misfits to Clockwork Orange.

I read a nice article on Neave Brown a while back. Guardian I think.

Whittington Estate is a bit like that too.

You get a flat in there for 825K


Relevant to this thread, it’s London Open House next week guys :+1:


Used to live round the corner from there (and now just a few streets away). I think they might be listed now. Every time I see the Brunswick Centre or Alexandria Estate on TV I get excited that it’s that one but it never is.

Central Hill estate, Crystal Palace.


One of my best friends lived here as a kid, and I had a paper round there. I think its being demolished now to build fancy posh flats.

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Not certain I think the Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke used to feature in The Bill and stuff like that.

@plasticniki might know this, when you’re at the Horniman Museum, what the big block of flats almost directly blocking your view of the city?

The thing on the left here:

Dawson’s Heights Estate :+1:

EDIT: Although it looks like it mainly the pagoda that is blocking the views of The City from there tbh tbf :thinking:


I love some of the brutalism architecture in Croydon. Especially the 50p building.


Thank you! Googling it now, sounds very interesting - always been struck by it when up at the museum.

what Penty said

they sometimes open it up to the public and do tours during Open House

Wonder how much a flat there costs now.

The train line from Manchester to London goes behind the back of them, looks like an old football stadium from behind

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It was crazy expensive to build because it’s right next to the mainline.

Camden at that point were crazy ambitious in their housing schemes. The cost of this ended up forcing the architect (Neave Brown) out of the department. Not sure he ever did much/any work in the UK again after that. Got the RIBA gold model for it last year though.

Always thought this was a stinker, especially for a hotel in Kensington

I love those flats! It’s such a shame they’re knocking them down because they are so huge, and can be really nice if they’re decorated well.

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think this thread has confirmed that twentieth century architecture is universally bad