The best "on-its-own" veg

That is: the best-tasting veg if it’s boiled or steamed and served as a side vegetable (None of this aubergine parmigiana nonsense).


  • Peas
  • Sweetcorn
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Carrot
  • Cauliflower
  • Runner beans
  • Mange tout
  • Other (state)

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It’s peas, isn’t it?


Raw carrot > cooked peas > cooked carrot


I’d say brocco in all its forms, can whack it in a grill pan/bbq too. Same with :corn:

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Big fan of sesame/soy broccoli. On its own it’s good, but always feel like it needs a little something to elevate it.

I’m surprised with the lack of support for corn on the cob. No one eats anything else on its own surely


Oh I see. You level 4 leaders, you’re all the same!



No tubers

poor Harold Bishop

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It’s broccoli, and the fact it was the go to “bad veg” on a lot of kid’s TV is the reason this country has gone to the dogs.

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Voted for sweetcorn assuming it’s in corn on the cob form


If you’re boiling / steaming your corn in the cob then sure.

Can I boil my carrots in cider and add honey and rosemary & thyme?

Keep reading it as corn in the ccb


Yes I boil my cotc - how else would you do it?

Ok. I’m just going to have some uncooked baby plum tomatoes. One of the best snacks

Barbecued? Tbh I should have never doubted your ability to abide by the rules of the thread, so please ignore my additional questioning

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asparagus is pretty good but think i’d be annoyed if it was steamed instead of grilled because it so easily could have been much better

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An additional “highlight” of fish and chips is having peas with a hint of ketchup at the end.


I quite like a few peas with a pie, just to lighten things up when the suet pastry is starting to dominate.