The best place on earth to watch live music

The Ray Ban stage at Primavera. You’re facing the sea, you can have a sit down and the sound is generally ace.


I really like The Roundhouse and The Barbican.


Power Lunches in Dalston. RIP

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La Cigale in Paris is a pretty good place to see live music, nice place to play as well

Same goes for the UBU in Rennes, a lovely little venue

I played at a great multi room venue in Cologne as part of some German O2 weekend festival one time as well. That was a really awesome place, some kind of converted industrial space. Can’t remember what it was called though. Anyone know?

EDIT: Found it

A place called E-Werk - an old electric power station. Great place for a gig


I’m sure I saw Emmy with Tilly at Nambucca. Maybe she did more than one show with them.

Looks like she did…

Agree on both of those, though the Roundhouse wins on points, as I’ve seen many more bands there. Cannot think of any less than brilliant gig experiences at the Roundhouse. Cracking venue.


O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, SE10

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The garden stage, end of the road.

Beautiful and great sound with bonus peacocks


Swans at The Roundhouse and A Winged Victory for the Sullen at The Barbican are two of the best things i’ve witnessed.


Isn’t that the place with the lighthouse outside even though it’s nowhere near the sea?

Mountain Stage, Green Man Festival.

Walled Garden there pretty great too.

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Not sure, don’t remember

But if it is I’d say at a guess it was probably built as an advert for the electric power of the power station rather than to ward off sailors :slight_smile:

It’s King Tut’s in Glasgow.

As long as you get there early enough not to be nearer the bar than the stage.

Generally seem to spend most of my time in the far out tent but aye

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Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Carlisle

Radio 1 roadshow in Scarborough in 1987.

Smiley Miley fan I take it?

Absolutely!! Bits n Pieces was my fav part

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