The best popcorn

At first glance I thought that was gonna be prawn cocktail flavour popcorn. Not sure whether that would be A) outstanding or B) awful.

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got some wanky artisan chilli seasoned popcorn recently. the person who made it got their proportions wrong and it was really dry and made all of us who were eating it cough with every single mouthful, but we ate it all anyway

a nice little memory for you there


Interesting grindr bio

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can’t go wrong with a bit of both
chilli powder too if possible

i think it’s toffee too. sweet as a palate cleanser

toffee popcorn is a disappointment. If I wanted toffee I would get toffee



Make your own. Butter, salt, sugar, cinnamon. Best flavour.

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Used to think sweet and salty was for deviants but actually its great and I was the deviant for judging people’s taste in popcorn

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A couple of bars in Edinburgh give you Tabasco popcorn, which I enjoy with my overpriced drinks.