The best pubs in London

A list we can argue about!

Quite a solid top 10 IMO

My friend’s pub in a toilet is in there!

Don’t think I’ve been in a single one on this list

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Queens Head is one of my favourite pubs in London.


Ugh, my friend lives three doors down from the Chesham Arms. It’s always seems to be packed. Don’t think this will help that.

The Queens Head is a decent boozer. Been going in there on and off for about 20 years. Went in there two weeks ago. Great selection of whiskey but the only gin they had was Beefeater. Cheap though.


The best pubs in London


Then frankly you haven’t Londoned at all.

I’ve been in some other pubs

Knew Earl Of Essex would be in that top 10 before I even opened the link.

Is my personal fav.

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I was in Ye Old Mitre just off Hatton Garden last night, that is a great pub

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The DiS FC post-match pub is in at #38


I have been in one (1) of these pubs

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The DiS London meat pub is in at #51

A good and funny recurring bit that my mates and I have is going to “The Sheaf”

The best pubs in North London and a very small slither of South East London


When I skimmed the article I thought there seemed like a disproportionately high number of west and south west london pubs in there.

I didn’t tot up numbers or anything, but it surprised me.

There are some nice pubs in there, but I can think of others that are equally good that aren’t. Suppose it depends on your criteria.

Someone I know was in #31 when some youths smashed the window in after being ejected.

Beer Shop at 13 :heartpulse:


Hey - you mean number 25???

Yeah. Went down to visit a couple of weeks ago. It’s really nice