The best pubs in your town

Ourense -

  1. Grândola
  2. El Pueblo
  3. Sol
  4. Coruña
  5. O Barallete
  1. Wetherspoons
  2. Wetherspoons
  3. Lloyds Bar
  4. Wetherspoons


The Murenger, Tiny Rebel (Taphouse & Brewery), Le Pub.

King Billy definitely number 1.

I’d have room for the John Borlase and Hand in Heart too

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My word!

Genuinely hate all 3 of these


5 Lamps

7 Stars

The Abbey


The Dolphin

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Both fine pubs. Not done a Canning Circus crawl in a while.

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The Palace is great. always meant to try The Oval but never got round to it. wasn’t sure if it’d be good or actually a bit shit

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It’s both, pretty much exactly like the Palace but if it moved to oconnell Street

yeah i wasn’t sure if it’d be an old Palace / Long Hall type place or actually a bit trendy and new inside. glad to hear it’s the former, i’ll investigate at some point

quite like Cassidy’s round the corner for a slightly more hipstery pint

Edinburgh :

The Bow Bar
The Jolly Judge
The Guildford Arms
The Southern

York :

Three Legged Mare
The Blue Bell
The (original) House Of Trembling Madness
Brew York
The Minster Inn


The Sunflower
The Duke of York
The John Hewitt

can’t decide what deserves the other two places but there are lots of other nice ones

Is that the pub that just has “queens of the stone age” written on its chalk board??! Never been in there.

Think I have been to the john Hewitt and had chowder.

Duke of York looks amazing, it’s on my list.

wouldn’t surprise me tbh, but they have lots of interesting beers on tap and were playing some really good music when i was last in

Wait, it also advertises “pearl Jam” and “monster munch”. It’s on the list. :sweat_smile:

16 Westmoreland St

never eaten in John Hewitt actually.

also quite like Voodoo and been enjoying Ulster Sports Club recently. still end up in Laverys a lot as a default choice. Northern Lights round the corner from my house is a nice spot for a solitary pint with a book when it’s quiet.

probably some more.

a 50% rate of good things.

never really noticed the signs outside but they played a Ty Segall song while i was enjoying a lovely pint of Pogo so it won a place in my heart

Rochester - the one in my back garden. Always stocks the booze I like and only minimal riff-raff.