The Best Thing / The Worst Thing. Thread 1: Aeroplanes / Airports ✈

I watched Up in the Air the other day (George Clooney as a travelling business man thing), and it’s amazing how kind of glamorous is makes air travel still seem, but I realised the only way it works as portrayed is if you’re travelling alone, someone else has organised it all, it’s on someone else’s dime, and you get access to all the lounges and stuff.


Sort of, it’s more that having been away somewhere nice, I get reminded that people have a different and nicer approach to things elsewhere and London seems very depressing.

It’s not really London, but the buildings outside it that you have to go through to get there.

Did fork out for a lounge once (on accounts of having a six hour layover in Abu Dhabi) and it was the tits, unlimited buffet etc, an all-too brief glimpse into the world of the 1%

Heathrow Express? Practically a golden carriage compared to the Piccadilly Line. I once landed back at Heathrow after a red eye from the US, and got squashed into a 6.30am Piccadilly Line train with about 200 American school children. Now THAT is bleak.

Nah. Loads of airports are not unpleasant places to pass through.

I smell a subthread brewing…

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Loads of worst entries

Watching the scales at check-in to see if you are over the allowance
All the waiting around
People talking up all the overhead space with their stupid big bags

Best bit is probably landing at your destination.

Oh. You’ve just reminded me of the American Airlines safety video. I quite liked the main flight attendant, I’ll admit.

Oh and yes, the train itself is definitely worth an extra tenner each way. It felt quite glamorous and modern when travelling there in the night-time, but coming back into London on a rainy Tuesday was pretty bleak.

I feel this is the same for any major city though. Airports are generally built out in the industrial scrublands miles away from historic or financial centres, so any trip between the two means navigating horrendous flyovers and junk yards and car dealerships and fast food restaurants and dodgy looking hotels. Maybe foreign versions of this look better because they’re inherently exotic to us, but it’s all the same shit.


Last US trip was basically this. It was still shit, just a bit less so.

might be all those pancakes you’re smelling

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sometimes they’re linked by a nice and yet cheap underground system though, so you don’t see all that.

The leg room in that fake cabin, FFS! The backs of the seats in front are almost too far to reach! :smiley:

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Yeah, I’ve flown long-haul business class a couple of times on company dime and felt like such a baller both times. Totally different experience.

Actually landing is rubbish, because first you have to get off the plane (all the nuggets from before jumping up AS SOON AS THE LIGHT GOES OFF) so they can fucking stand in the aisle like lemons) then walk two miles through corridors, then stand in an immigration line (location depending), then wait for your bag which is inevitably the last one, then work out how the fuck you leave.


Best: being upgraded


Best: monorail between terminals
Worst: US immigration

People who stand up straight away BEFORE the seatbelt sign goes off make me so angry.


I used to fly to South America a lot with my mum when I was a kid and remember hating the planes that still had smoking sections as it was usually just separated by a curtain, so the whole plane smelled of smoke anyway

Feel like I’m probably one of the last 3 British people who actually use “aeroplane”. Proper fucking word. I really hate how shit ‘airplane’ sounds.