The best type of salad greens

You missed the best two which are Baby Gem (similar enough to Cos I guess) and Lollo Rosso.

The idea of chard as a salad green makes me want to barf.

Endive will always love you


spinach and rocket as the basis for a salad? where’s your fucking crunch mate?

Anything but kale.

The texture is like eating feckin’ thistles!

Don’t eat salads pal, these are purely for toppings or sides in my book.

a side is still a salad mate. what the fuck is a salad topping?

You make pasta and have rocket on top. A salad green, as a topping:

I most certainly do not

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Try living a little.

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Rocket is fucking disgusting, and made even worse by the fact that practically every café/restaurant just assumes that literally everyone loves the stuff and just heaps it on in mountains on otherwise enjoyable meals, with no actual warning. Happened to me so many times that there’s absolutely no mention of rocket on the menu or ingredients list but once the thing I have ordered actually arrives there’s tons of rocket in/on it.

For everyone who for some inconceivable reason loves rocket, just imagine this very same rant but just being about an ingredient that you find really really gross, yeah? Thanks for your cooperation.

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Iceberg obvs

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No one ever says cress

Can we get this clown demodded?

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No but we can get you banned real easy mate


Just try

I could never :broken_heart:

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